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#435 – December 04, 2023

What do we know about React Forget

React Forget is the React Core Team cutting-edge compiler, automatically memoizing Components and Hooks for enhanced performance. Developed at Meta, it is currently optimizing client components, with promising early results, promising a faster user experience.

Get $1 off your next domain from Porkbun - the best registrar for React developers! (sponsor)

Porkbun is the best domain registrar offering low prices on 500+ domain extensions including .dev, .ai, .io, and .app. Every domain name at Porkbun comes with freebies like SSL Certificates, WHOIS Privacy, DNS, URL Forwarding, and hosting trials. Why pay for things that should be free? Save $1 off your next domain from Porkbun and see why they’re the domain registrar the tech industry prefers.

How to Think About Security in Next.js

Learn about what security protections are built-in Next.js and view a guide for auditing applications.

Add user management in Next.js w/RSC, server actions & AuthKit

The most tedious and difficult part of building a web app is authentication. But a new tool just entered the discussion that’s hoping to change that.

How to create a React components ESM+CJS library

Creating (and publishing) good, small and easy to use libraries is a bit more complicated than just writing nice, modular and reusable code. Learn how to create a React component ESM+CJS library using Rollup, TypeScript and Storybook.

Printing Perfection, A Developer’s Journey with React-to-Print

How to implement a robust printing solution with react-to-print.