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#434 – November 27, 2023

How hooks work

Hooks were introduced in React v16.8.0, and since then they changed the way React apps were written. Before them, we used to create class component for anything involving state or lifecycle logic. Hooks made function component the new defacto of writing react apps.

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Debug a React app with Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code has an integrated debugger, easy to use and works pretty much with everything.

Why Choose Next.js

Next.js is growing in popularity. In this article, we'll explore the performance benefits and developer-friendly features that establish Next.js as one of the top choices among React frameworks.

Combining AI with React for a Smarter Frontend

Jesse Hall, senior developer advocate with MongoDB, explained the building blocks for integrating artificial intelligence into React apps.

An Interactive Guide to CSS Grid

CSS Grid is an incredibly powerful tool for building layouts on the web, but like all powerful tools, there's a significant learning curve. In this tutorial, we'll build a mental model for how CSS Grid works and how we can use it effectively.