#320 How to build React portfolio projects that get you a job


Generating PDF from HTML in React: Exporting Data Grids

Let's dive deep into the PDF rendering labyrinth - in the safe hands of a guide. Read this blog to learn how to export advanced React UI components such as the KendoReact Data Grid and TreeList into PDF, with the help of plenty of examples.

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How to build React portfolio projects that get you a job

Let me guess: You've been learning React for a while already. Now it's time to build a portfolio of advanced React projects. And you're looking for inspiration.

Managing React state on DoorDash’s item modal using the class pattern

DoorDash’s Item Modal, one of the most complex components of our app and web frontends, shows customers information about items they can order. This component includes nested pages, dynamic rendering of input fields, and client-side validation requirements.

How to persist JWT tokens for your SaaS application

The first (and probably one of the most important) parts of every multi-tenant SaaS application is identity management. This is because the main idea of multi-tenancy is that a user belongs to one (or more) tenants. The separation of the user-tenant concept is one of the most important aspects of multi tenant applications, where several users (with different roles and permissions) can control the same application (tenant). Let’s dive into this crucial topic.

React render tracker

A tool to discover performance issues related to unintended re-renders and unmounts.

A complete beginner's guide to GraphQL

I first used GraphQL on a project right after its launch in 2015, and to be honest I didn't understand why we were using it. Over the years, I've grown to love GraphQL - you can quickly create APIs with managed services such as AWS AppSync and Hasura, and it lessens the friction between frontend and backend development. In this post, we'll chat about what GraphQL is, why to use it as well as when it may not be the best option, and then create a full recipe app using a GraphQL API.


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