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#375 – September 26, 2022


Check out the future of email with Shortwave

Shortwave helps you email smarter and faster with a reinvented experience for your Gmail. It also keeps your inbox organized by default by automatically bundling related threads (no more drowning in dozens of Github emails every day).

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React I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down

We've been together for almost 10 years. We've come a long way. But things are getting out of hand. We need to talk. It's embarrassing, I know. Nobody wants to have that conversation.

Learn React 18: Introducing JSX

You can build a React app with pure JavaScript, but with JSX it's much easier. JSX is a special syntax that allows you to combine JavaScript and XML to quickly code components. In this lesson from our free full-length beginner course on React 18, you'll learn how.

Form Validation

In this article, we will understand the ReactJS form validation for React Bootstrap UI form components using the React Hook Form library.

Storing state in URL with URLSearchParams

The React useState hook is a great way to persist state inside the context of a component in React. This post demonstrates a simple React hook that stores state in the URL querystring, building on top of React Routers useSearchParams hook.

How To Debug React Apps With VS Code

Debugging a React app can be a slow and painful process. Adding a console.log() statement here and there until you’re finally in the right spot. Or a more advanced version: Jumping around between setting breakpoints in the Chrome dev tools and editing code in your IDE until the bug is fixed.


A powerful Pivot Grid Component for React projects

If you need fast data visualization & reporting tool for your project, check out Flexmonster. It is a feature-packed Pivot Table & Charts web component that handles up to 1GB of data and neatly displays it on any device. An extensive API provides a fully configurable report according to your app's UI and business logic. The control supports ES6 and TypeScript and will work smoothly, no matter your project's language. See a demo.


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