#371 Advanced React component composition


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Advanced React component composition

A deep dive on composition in React. Learn the key principles for designing and building reusable components that scale.

When to break up a component into multiple components

Did you know that you could write any React Application as a single React Component? There's absolutely nothing technically stopping React from putting your entire application into one giant component. Your function would be HUGE. There'd be a TON of hooks for state and side-effects, but it's totally possible.

How to use Forms in React

While learning how to implement these advanced topics in React without any form library, you will get to know how form libraries would perform these tasks for you. Eventually you will use such form library yourself, for example React Hook Form, to accomplish these more advanced tasks for you.

Building a chat - Browser Notifications with React, Websockets and Web-Push 🤯

In this final article, we'll extend the chat application features. You will learn how to keep your users engaged by sending them desktop notifications when they are not online and how you can read and save the messages in a JSON file.

ReacType 13.0 — React State Management & Prop Drilling Made Easy

Do you spend hours prop drilling within your React application? Have you been told to abandon it altogether in favor of a hefty, state management library?


Implementing collaboration has never been easier

Transform your application within hours thanks to ready-to-use features like comments, track changes, real-time collaboration, and version history. Meet CKEditor, the next-gen rich text editor that can be tailored to your needs and its native React integration. Start your free trial to test it right away and let your users enjoy a collaborative experience in your software!


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