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#367 – August 01, 2022


Differences Using the Default HTML Calendar vs. a Commercial React Calendar

Check out this comparison between the default HTML Calendar and the KendoReact Calendar, as an example of a feature-rich commercial component. We'll look at consistency, customizability, accessibility and ease of development - let's dive in!

this week's favorite

React State Management in 2022

With the introduction of React in May 2013, there was also an introduction to multiple UI issues that had to be solved by the developer. It is important we understand those terms, before we begin our journey. Some of them are:

Examples of large production-grade, open-source React apps

It's bloody hard to find a good example of a large production-grade, open-source React app.

Creating a Custom Language Code Editor Using React

In this post, we will showcase how we built a custom front-end non-simple code editor based on React for the advanced query language created by the team to target spans across an OTEL Trace.

How to Make a Range Component With RC-Slider

Recently, I was just minding my own business when someone messaged me on LinkedIn. Nemanja Jerinic reached out, saying he had seen an answer that I posted on Stack Overflow about how to update values on an Ant Design Slider dynamically.

Mailing: build, test, send emails with TypeScript and React

We’re longtime users of Action Mailer and wanted something similar for our typescript/react apps. We didn’t find anything, so we decided to build Mailing. We added some features that we would’ve liked in Action Mailer, like a mobile toggle (with hotkeys), and the ability to send a test email from the browser while developing. We went all in on MJML so that we (almost) never have to think about email clients or nested tables.


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