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#363 – July 04, 2022


Are You Looking For a Really Fast React Table That Can Handle Hundreds of Thousands of Items?

Then you should definitely see the performance of the KendoReact Data Grid! Easily set up your benchmarking test with the help of this article.

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My Wonderful HTML Email Workflow, using MJML and MDX for responsive emails

It feels quite a bit like taking a trip back in time. Email clients don't support modern luxuries like CSS Grid, or even Flexbox. Instead, we need to resort to using HTML

tags. Plus, there are dozens of email clients, each with their own quirks and idiosyncracies.

Implementing user authentication in React with SuperTokens

Have you ever considered implementing easy and safe authentication on your web application at no cost? Have you considered integrating authentication with minimal or no initial environment setup? Then hang on for the next 10 minutes. In this tutorial, you’ll learn to Implement user authentication in React with Supertoken.

React Query FAQs

I have been answering a lot of questions over the last 18 months regarding React Query. Being involved in the community and answering questions was what got me into open-source in the first place, and it was also a big factor for writing this React Query related series of articles.

You Might Not Need an Effect

Effects are an escape hatch from the React paradigm. They let you “step outside” of React and synchronize your components with some external system like a non-React widget, network, or the browser DOM. If there is no external system involved (for example, if you want to update a component’s state when some props or state change), you shouldn’t need an Effect. Removing unnecessary Effects will make your code easier to follow, faster to run, and less error-prone.

Getting Started with React Virtuoso

React Virtuoso is a family of powerful yet easy-to-use React components that can render enormous data sets.