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#354 – May 02, 2022


How To Build a Real-Time Updating Data Grid in React

There are plenty of examples out there of building a data grid using static data, but what about live streaming data? This blog post explains how you can create a real-time grid that uses the KendoReact Data Grid. Check it out.

this week's favorite

React component composition explained

Component composition is a powerful pattern to make your components more reusable.

Hooks, dependencies and stale closures

Working with closures is something that can become quite tricky, especially when dealing with hooks that have dependencies in React (think useEffect, useMemo, useCallback). A lot of bugs and frustration are tied pretty closely to that concept - even though it is nothing that React itself introduced. It's rather a language concept that hooks rely upon.

FortuneSheet: Excel-like component for React with collaboration support

FortuneSheet is a drop-in javascript spreadsheet library that provides rich features like Excel and Google Sheets.

React Google Maps geodesic polylines, polygons

The Google Directions service API has 4 modes to choose from - driving, walking, cycling, and transit. Interestingly, this service does not include flights - and this is precisely what we are going to be focused on this time.

File-based routing with React location — Nested layouts

A layout is a declaration of a page structure shared throughout multiple pages. You can nest layouts as they are just components. Instead of doing that manually we can make it declarative which plays well with file-based routing. That’s what we'll cover today.


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