#350 React v18.0 released


How To Create and Validate a React Form With Hooks

This article will demonstrate how to use Hooks to implement a React login form with validation that will run whenever a user leaves (blurs) a field or tries to submit the form. Check it out.

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React v18.0 released

Many of the features in React 18 are built on top of our new concurrent renderer, a behind-the-scenes change that unlocks powerful new capabilities. Concurrent React is opt-in — it’s only enabled when you use a concurrent feature — but we think it will have a big impact on the way people build applications.

Build your own markdown editor

Create simple markdown editor that works in browser. If I write strings in markdown format, React.js reads it, parses it, and displays preview.

How does shallow comparison work in React?

Shallow comparison is a concept all over React development and documentation. It plays a key role in React’s internals, but it’s not often explained. This article covers how it works by diving into the source code and finishes with some interesting takeaways.

Rundown of React libraries to use in 2022

React has been around for a while. Since then, a well-rounded yet overwhelming ecosystem of libraries evolved around the component driven library. Developers coming from other programming languages or libraries/frameworks often have a hard time figuring out all the libraries for creating web applications with React.

Using a hook in a class component

Did you know that you can use hooks in class components? OK, I'm lying, kind of. You can't use a hook directly in a class component, but you can use a hook in a wrapped function component with a render prop to achieve this.


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