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#348 – March 21, 2022


Everything You Need To Know About the React 18 RC

Very exciting news for everyone in the React community. Go through this guide into React 18 RC and get informed about the great new features so you can be ready for final release in a few weeks!

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Introducing Ladle

Ladle is a tool for developing and testing your React components in an environment that's isolated and faster than most real-world applications. It supports Component Story Format - a concept widely popular thanks to Storybook. In fact, Ladle has been developed as a drop-in replacement of Storybook - it should already work with your existing stories.

How many re-renders is too many?

My React component re-renders 5 times. Is this too many? What about 10 times or 20? When should I start optimizing?

Learn all the core React Hooks

Learn all of the React hooks with real examples and use cases for each React Hook. Learn what these React Hooks do, and when you should use them.

Front-end testing strategy

Testing could help to speed up your workflow and improve your code quality, but the biggest and most important reason to write tests is CONFIDENCE. You want to be confident that the code you are writing won’t break the app while being future-proof. So whatever you do, you want to make sure that the kinds of tests you write bring you the most confidence possible, and you need to be conscious of the trade-offs you are making when testing.

Delightful React file and directory structure

In this blog post, I'll share the structure I use across all my current projects, including this blog and my custom course platform.


Level up your career with "React - The Road To Enterprise”

Becoming a React pro was never easier. Master best practices, advanced techniques and learn how to create fast, scalable and production-ready React apps. State Management, Advanced Component Patterns, Hooks, Testing, Next and more. Besides the book, you can also get 3 videos, 2 boilerplates and the Companion App with ready-made code examples.


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