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CLI Generator for React Native, currently trending on github.

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Shopping External Libs in React Native

So someone comes up with a great feature for the app you’re writing, but there’s one big problem. You could spend a week building the feature, and you might be reinventing the wheel. Sounds like it’s time to see what’s on the shelf!

Bootstrapping a React project

Setting up a React application requires a lot. Learn how to bootstrap a React project without complexities!

The rise of functional programming & the decline of Angular 2.0

Learn why we believe that the rise of functional programming (FP) will prevent Angular 2.0 from being as successful as its predecessor.

Autogenerate tests with Redux tools

As announced at React Europe, the extension can generate tests for the inspected actions. Thanks to Redux principles, it's a rather simple task.

Dan Abramov shares his view on React licence

"Talked to the lawyers about PATENTS clause. I can’t legally advise you but here’s three points to consider if you’re worried about React."