#347 Automatic batching support in React 18


The 5 Most Useful Features of the KendoReact DateTimePicker

Intuitive, accessible and beautifully designed DateTimePicker that's also quick to implement is not mission impossible. Learn how you can take advantage of this highly customizable and configurable component from KendoReact. Check out the blog.

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Automatic batching support in React 18

React 18 comes with automatic batching support for state updates. This helps in avoiding multiple renders for state updates in promises, setTimeout, setInterval, native event handlers in addition to react event handlers. Thus, we get performance improvement in our React apps out of the box because of automatic batching.

Controlling React API calls with hooks

I love React. But there are some aspects of the framework that have previously given me fits. One of those aspects is in the careful controlling of API calls from within a React app.

Hooks: React’s do-notation

React works at such frontiers that it won't be helpful to give a techincal definition—if at all one can come up with it. The other end of this spectrum is people giving technically too high-resolution definitions—“They are kinda like algebraic effects”—Ugh okay, but that's more like how they conceptually work under the hood, not what they actually are.

How to upgrade to the React 18 release candidate

Our next major version, React 18, is available today as a Release Candidate (RC). As we shared at React Conf, React 18 introduces features powered by our new concurrent renderer, with a gradual adoption strategy for existing applications. In this post, we will guide you through the steps for upgrading to React 18.

A deep dive comparison between useMemo and useCallback

One of the greatest things that we received in the world of React development is hooks. The introduction of React hooks back in 2019 enabled a totally new way of handling logic. Hooks significantly improved how we could implement, structure, isolate and share logic across different components.


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