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#344 – February 21, 2022


How to Improve Designer-Developer Collaboration with Figma UI Kits?

Ah, the infamous designer-developer handoff. It’s an unfortunate reality that designers and developers often have to overcome a level of distrust when working together. Learn how Figma UI Kits solve this by providing a single source of truth that all parties can reference to and how to use them.

this week's favorite

An introductory guide to concurrent rendering

React 18 will introduce a new and exciting mechanism called concurrent rendering. It opens up a world of opportunities for React developers to control user experiences, but what is it exactly and why do we need it?

System design React code examples

A curation of code examples and in depth technical implementation approaches to solve the common frontend system design issues in React.

React: useState vs useReducer

Generally speaking a reducer is basically a function which takes two arguments - the current state and an action - and returns based on both arguments a new state.

React virtualized window

A virtualized window is a React component for creating views on data where only the data items visible to the user are rendered.

How to recreate Figma in React

This is a high level explanation of how I created a PowerPoint style canvas inside React. It's a lot simpler than you think and quite easy when you leverage open source npm libraries.


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