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#342 – February 07, 2022


How To Build an Interactive Dashboard with React (Tutorial)

Learn how to build a sleek-looking, interactive dashboard using the TileLayout. Check out all you can do with this deceptively simple component: drag, order and toggle dashboard widgets, create dynamically configurable tiles and more. Check it out.

this week's favorite

The story of React

This is the story of how React took over the world.

Rendering 3D in React made easy with react-three-fiber

What if I told you… that you too can learn to code in 3D objects in React that can wow customers? Learn the basics of react-three-fiber rendered, and soon enough, you could be able to turn a static page into an art gallery, an interactive map, or any other metaverse thing.

Avoid useless component renders: React hooks and tips applied on lists

A few weeks ago, I encountered children list rerender issues on the project I was working on. In this article you will learn how I debugged a React performance issue.

React Performance: How to avoid redundant re-renders

Redundant re-renders are a common issue in React. If not taken seriously, this issue can quickly worsen the performance of your application.

Authentication flow with React Router 6

A React tutorial which teaches you how to use Authentication in React Router 6. The code for this React Router v6 tutorial can be found over here. In order to get you started, create a new React project (e.g. create-react-app). Afterward, install React Router and read the following React Router tutorial to get yourself aligned to what follows next.


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