#334 How to build stunning 3D scenes with React Three Fiber


5 Reasons To Choose the KendoReact Form Library

So many React Form libraries out there, and so little time - how should one choose? Check out 5 very important things to look for in a form and learn why KendoReact ticks all the boxes.

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How to build stunning 3D scenes with React Three Fiber

WebGL is the magic sauce behind Solar Storm , an audio-reactive music video that renders live in the browser. After fumbling around with Three.js for many years, WebGL finally clicked for me thanks to React Three Fiber. That’s because I could use the familiar concepts—components, props, hooks and state—and transfer my app development skills to 3D graphics.

Using WebAssembly for fast React components

With the recent update to Rust, it is time to relook at using Rust and React together. I have a new found love for Rust and everything it can do as a language. One of its more impressive features is its ability to write WebAssembly(Wasm) without much overhead. I have explored how to use Rust to write Wasm before (Blog post coming soon!). But I wanted to see how easy it would be to integrate it into a standard React workflow.

React 18 provides useId API for generating unique IDs on both the client and server

In client-side rendering, the app is rendered by the client. When a browser receives a request for a page, it sends HTML, CSS and, JS code to be run in the browser. The script is loaded and the app becomes interactive. This is a way by which most of the apps are rendered.

Understanding re-rendering and memoization in React

The following are quick tips to increase performance in your React application by understanding re-rendering and memoization. To better understand the following tips it’s important to know when React re-renders components. Generally, a re-render is caused by a component’s props or state changing. When a component re-renders all of its children components will also re-render, unless they are memoized.

A Visual Guide to useEffect

Why does this happen and what tools does React offer to solve this problem?


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