#333 React State Museum: A whirlwind tour of React state management systems by example


Adding a Dark Mode to Your Application With KendoReact

There are many reasons dark mode is so popular - it's easy on the eyes, saves battery, looks sleek... Whether your team is just looking to quickly implement an out-of-the-box dark mode or to create a fully custom dark mode theme, learn how the KendoReact library gives you the tools you need to customize components and get the much desired dark mode on your app.

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React State Museum: A whirlwind tour of React state management systems by example

Examples to help portray the how, why, which, pros, and cons of various state management systems in the React ecosystem.

Uploading a file and showing a progress bar

In today's episode of React Tips & Tricks, we'll see how to handle and submit file data, and how to display a progress bar!

React folder structure for enterprise level applications

Structuring a project’s folders in a manner that fits the project’s size and intent is key to scalability and maintainability. Unfortunately there aren’t many examples that document a structure that works well for enterprise level applications. There also is no single correct answer for what a perfect folder structure looks like. The following structure is one that I’ve been evolving for many years and have used in many enterprise level projects.

Make useRef lazy — 4 ways

I’m not super excited about doing useless work, and useRef is your primary tool for avoiding useless re-renders. In this post, I’ll show you four ways to support lazy initializer in useRef.

React.js 18: An overview of its new features and updates

React 18 is shifting from alpha to beta and has some exciting features and updates for the React.js development community. All updates are primarily aimed to maintain third-party libraries by introducing out-of-the-box features and improvements.


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