#330 React architecture for enterprise application


Sorting, Filtering and Grouping With the KendoReact Data Grid

The KendoReact Data Grid is an extremely powerful component for displaying and organizing data in your React apps. To make the most of the rich built-in features of this Table component, you need to learn how to configure it. Luckily, that’s what this blog post is all about!

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React architecture for enterprise application

Improper structuring of the React App will lead to affect the app scalability and maintainability. As the App grows, We might add new and remove some old features, so each component needs to be loosely coupled with each other. Let see how to structure the React app to avoid such issues.

Hydrogen: Shopify's opinionated framework for building headless ecommerce

Hydrogen makes that possible by integrating React Server Components, streaming server-side rendering with suspense, and smart caching defaults. Paired with the globally distributed Storefront API, Shopify-optimized commerce components, and a Vite-powered developer environment, it’s the fast framework for developers and customers.

React social login with Passport.js

React login authentication with social media. React oAuth using Passport js. React, Node.js auth tutorial using Google, Facebook, and Github login buttons.

React Router 6 tutorial

A React tutorial which teaches you how to use React Router 6. In order to get you started, create a new React project (e.g. create-react-app). Afterward, install React Router by following the official instructions from their documentation.

You can use React Query for slow computation, not just API

React Query brings the ergonomics of GraphQL clients to RESTful APIs. It scratched my itch.


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