#328 Why hooks are the best thing to happen to React


Taking a Look at startTransition in React 18

React 18 is coming with several new concurrent features—including startTransition. Let’s break down how it works and what you can do with it! Read on.

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Why hooks are the best thing to happen to React

Originally, React mainly used class components, which can be strenuous at times as you always had to switch between classes, higher-order components, and render props. With React hooks, you can now do all these without switching, using functional components.

Top mistakes in React interviews

These are four common mistakes in React interviews. Sometimes the pressure of the interview makes us make silly mistakes. Hopefully reviewing this post will help before your next interview.

How not to update states in React

How do you guys update your state if it depends on the previous value?

Common mistake with React state update

I have often seen one common mistakes being made by some beginner React devs which is to update React state.

API calls using React-Query hooks

When building an application(mobile/web) you will most likely want to get some data from an API or locally with static JSON files. For a technology like javascript and its libraries, it has an inbuilt method like Fetch and a library like Axios which helps to make API calls.


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