#326 How I built a modern website in 2021


A Themeable React Data Grid With Great UX-Focused Features


element doesn’t offer most of the features that make for a good data browsing experience. If we use the KendoReact Data Grid component, we get a ton of extra features, any one of which is non-trivial to pull off nicely, and all together make for an extremely compelling solution. Read this blog by Chris Coyier.

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How I built a modern website in 2021

If you're interested in how to productively build a maintainable website using modern tools that is fast all over the world despite every user getting content that's completely unique to them, then please continue.

6 concrete tips that will make your pull requests easier to review

As code proposers and members of a team, we have the responsibility to set up our reviewers for success. This article covers 6 concrete tips that will make your React pull requests easier to review and allow you to receive higher-quality reviews today.

What's new in React 18?

Before we move on to the new features of React 18, let's understand some concepts that you might not be familiar with, such as Server Side Rendering, Suspense, and Hydration. If you already know what these are, you can directly go and read the changes section.

What is the difference between useCallback and useMemo?

Many programmers may feel quite confused about the difference between useCallBack and useMemo. Why do useMemo and useCallback expect a function? Not to worry if you have the same query or concern about React-Hooks.

Turning app into installable PWA with offline detection, service workers and theming

Recently I decided to take the dive into making my web app progressive. Some of the benefits are excellent caching, sped up page load times and the ability for a user to install it "natively".


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