#323 How to use React Context effectively


React Dashboard Tutorial—How To Build an Interactive Dashboard

Learn how to build a sleek-looking, interactive dashboard using the TileLayout. Check out all you can do with this deceptively simple component: drag, order and toggle dashboard widgets, create dynamically configurable tiles and more.

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How to use React Context effectively

In Application State Management with React, I talk about how using a mix of local state and React Context can help you manage state well in any React application. I showed some examples and I want to call out a few things about those examples and how you can create React context consumers effectively so you avoid some problems and improve the developer experience and maintainability of the context objects you create for your application and/or libraries.

React antipatterns to avoid

Here are some of the antipatterns most commonly seen in React applications and how to fix them. These antipatterns will make your codebase a nightmare to work with if you’re don’t learn to recognize and prevent them at their early stages.

How to create a “fashion police” with React Native and off-the-shelf AI

Imagine you’ve just stumbled into a Nordstrom at your local mall, lost in the Slenderman-looking mannequins and racks of overpriced coats. Or, more realistically, you’re browsing online because you’re too lazy to go to the store. You’re trying to find a birthday gift for your friend but you have no idea what they would like. What’s their style like? Do they want a ripped black shirt or a green and white striped sweater? You should know this, but you don’t.

React is declarative - what does it mean?

It's drilled into you when learning React that it is declarative. But what does declarative mean, and what is the opposite of declarative?

6 use cases of the useEffect hook

Whenever we need to make use of side effects in our application, useEffect is the way to go. This hook doesn't present many complications, except for non-primitive data types, due to how JavaScript handles them.


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