#322 Best practices for React developers in 2021


Date Formats Cheat Sheet—How To Format Dates in a React DatePicker

Let's break down common date and time formats and learn some handy tips for using the KendoReact DatePicker and DateTimePicker to easily manage the tricky business around date and time input. Read on!

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Best practices for React developers in 2021

It may be hard to believe, but this year React turned eight years old. In the technology landscape, especially on client-side web development, this is quite remarkable. How can a simple library for building UIs be that old and still be this relevant?

A visual guide to React rendering - DOM

There are a lot of ways to cause unnecessary re-renders in React. But what does unnecessary re-render mean? Does it mean that the browser re-renders the piece of UI associated with a component?

React interview questions 2021: 50 most asked questions & answers

Looking for React interview questions for freshers and experienced? Here is a list of basic and advanced react interview questions.

Building a segmented control component

Segmented controls display a limited number of options (usually between two and five) to the user, where only a single "segment" can be selected at a time. Because of this, they can be a good alternative to using radio buttons.

An easy guide to React useReducer() hook

If you’ve used useState() hook to manage non-trivial state like a list of items, where you need to add, update and remove items in the state, you might have noticed that the state management logic takes a good part of the component body.


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