#319 Design patterns in JavaScript


React Calendar vs. React Scheduler: What’s the Difference and When To Use Them

Explore the differences between a calendar and a scheduler component so you know when to choose one over the other in your React app. To make the difference extra clear, this blog uses real-life examples. Read on!

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Design patterns in JavaScript

We will discuss implementation of Design Patterns by using JavaScript ES6 classes.

React usePrevious Hook

Hooks are essential for the functional component pattern in React. One frequent logic comparison with class components was comparing a previous prop value with a current prop value via lifecycle methods. So what's an easy pattern for duplicating previous value comparisons in functional components?

Navigating a roving tabindex

As web apps and web technology continue to replace traditional software, we as developers may not have realized what got left behind. A forgotten feature that caught me by surprise is keyboard navigation in lists and tables.

Compound Components In React

A compound component is one of the advanced patterns of React which makes use of an interesting way to communicate the relationship between UI components and share implicit state by leveraging an explicit parent-child relationship.

How one conditional can entangle your React app

A cautionary exploration of how a lack of intentional composition can impact your React project


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