#318 Creating our own React from scratch


Looking for a Data Grid? This Tour of an Easy-to-Use React Grid Will Help You Decide

Watch this video to learn about the feature set of the KendoReact Data Grid and quickly get an idea whether it’s a match. KendoReact Product Manager Carl Bergenhem will walk you through everything you need to know, from how the grid handles basic operations to custom editing and PDF & Excel export demos. Check it out!

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Creating our own React from scratch

Demystifying React by building our own, including a virtual DOM, stateful components and lifecycle hooks.

How to create a video player in React

One of the things that interested me most recently is creating a fully customized video player. Obviously, nowadays we have services that provide widgets to be used on our websites.

What are Higher-Order Components in React?

If you’ve ever considered it repetitive and cumbersome writing the same logic or having to fetch data in different components, then this article is for you. These problems are some of the basic challenges faced by React developers but can be solved using higher-order components.

Easy drag and drop in React

In this post, I’ll explain the basics of the open-source library react-dnd (version 14.0.2 as of now) and show some up-to-date code examples.

Our Journey in Adopting Federated GraphQL at SSENSE

Over the last 6 months, SSENSE developed a federated gateway to our presentational micro-services (commonly referred to as the back-of-the-front-end). During this period, we also planned and migrated a single code path on the website to use the newly minted gateway. This article gives a brief look into how and why we chose this pattern to evolve our consumer applications at SSENSE.


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