#316 Accessibility testing with Storybook


10-Minute Tutorial: How to Add Charts to Your React App with KendoReact

Learn how to implement React Charts into your app using the KendoReact Charting Library. TJ VanToll created this easy-to-follow tutorial to demo how with just a few lines of code, you can have a good-looking chart customized with animations, title, custom axes, chart legend and tooltips. Check the video out!

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Accessibility testing with Storybook

The most accurate way to check accessibility is manually on real devices. But that requires specialized expertise and a lot of time. Both of which are scarce on frontend teams.

A Visual Guide to React Rendering - useMemo

Child wrapped with memo. When the user role is “Admin”, we want to pass an option to the Child to show a sidebar. However, the Child re-renders even when we change the user name. How do we prevent that?

Understanding applications of useRef hook with examples

Hooks introduced in React 16.8, allow us to use stateful logic, lifecycle methods, and side-effects in Functional Components. React's official doc on Hooks is the best way to get you started with them.

React children and iteration methods

In this article, we’ll discuss and learn about the use case of iterating over React children and the ways to do it. In particular, we will deep dive into one of the utility methods, React.Children.toArray, that React gives us, which helps to iterate over the children in a way which ensures performance and determinism.

How to hide Feature A and show Feature B for different users in React

In this article, we are going to use Flagsmith - open source feature flag and remote config service, but you can check commercial alternatives such as LaunchDarkly. Our goal is to learn how to start using feature flags in React and make the process of launching new functionality for users smoother.


Free eBook: Docker Security Essentials by HackerSploit

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