#315 A visual guide to React rendering


Build a React Chat Application

In a few simple steps, we’ll show you how to launch a chat app using our React component library.

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A visual guide to React rendering

When does a React component re-render? Is it when its state or props change?

How to write readable React content states

Content streams are an important part of any React project, but also introduces a lot of complexity. Long term, making sure that the code is readable has a serious impact on the maintainability. This article will cover and analyze the readability of two fundamental approaches to handling content states in your React components.

React 18 and the future of async data

React 18 is shipping with and startTransition for deferred component rendering, but not data loading. That's coming in a future 18.x version.

React 18 adds automatic batching

Batching is a React feature that combines all the state updates into a single update, causing a single re-render thereby improving the performance of the app. In earlier versions of React, batching was only done for the event handlers.

Separation of concerns with React hooks

If you've been working with React for a while, you probably came across container and presentational components, or smart and dumb components. These terms describe a pattern that divides the UI layer of React components from the logic.


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