#312 How to use Throttle or Debounce with React Hook


Let’s Build a Financial Dashboard with React

In this tutorial, we'll build a sample financial dashboard from scratch and learn a bit about CSS grid syntax, KendoReact, and theming in the process. You will get the code so you can code along with TJ, plus a video walk-through, if that’s how you roll. Check it out.

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How to use Throttle or Debounce with React Hook

Sometimes, we may want to delay or throttle the number of times a piece of code is run in our React component.

3 levels of mocking a React Hook: Control and effort against representability

Hooks are an important aspect of any React project and mocking them in tests is not always straightforward. This article will show you how to navigate the spectrum between the control and effort of mocking and the representability of your tests so you can create your own solutions.

9 experience-enhancing technologies to check out for your project

Libraries, frameworks, and services that will take your Next.js or React project to the next level.

RisXSS: The missing ESLint rule for React and Vue

XSS attacks are expected to be ranked 3rd in the OWASP Top 10, compared to their 7th rank in 2021 (source). The pace of application creations is increasing and so is the surface of attacks, so making your applications secure is more and more challenging and needed. React and Vue are some of the most used frameworks to build applications and include built-in protection for some types of XSS by escaping user input by default. However, there may be some cases when they need to display user content as raw HTML (a blog post with style for instance).

Headless React

It is actually pretty easy to build a mediocre headless React today, i.e. an implementation of React that isn't hooked directly into anything else.


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