#306 A complete beginner's guide to Next.js


React Chat Tutorial: How to build a chat app

The following tutorial shows you how to quickly build chat leveraging Stream's Chat API and the Stream Chat React components. The underlying API is very flexible and allows you to build nearly any type of chat.

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A complete beginner's guide to Next.js

I've used Create React App non-stop to scaffold React apps, and I love it. Recently, though, I've been using Next.js for more and more of them. It has a bunch of great features like routing and server-side rendering that offer amazing experiences for both end-users and developers.

How to cleanup async effects in React

The common asynchronous side-effects are: performing fetch requests to load data from a remote server, handle timers like setTimeout(), debounce or throttle functions, etc.

7 ways to improve React app performance

Babel was a revolutionary tool, devs could write modern JS which is not supported by Browsers and transpile to ES5 to support browsers.

Beginners' introduction to React testing

Being a software developer the need to write code and deploy working code to production quickly and safely is needed especially on products that have crazy deadlines and delivery schedules. And it's a known fact that things do break!

What every React developer needs to know about TypeScript

If you've been using React for a while, you'll have noticed some cases where the freedom and wild nature of JavaScript works against you (and not because of JS 😄), especially if you're working in a team. You may not know it, but you need TypeScript or at least, you need to test it.


Software Engineering Bootcamp with Guaranteed Job

Springboard's Software Engineering Career Track is the proven way to take your React.js skills and upskill towards a meaningful software engineering career. With 1:1 mentorship from senior engineers, a curriculum built in collaboration with renowned instructor Colt Steele and crafted with insights from hiring managers, and dedicated career support, you'll get a new software engineering job – or your money back. Springboard graduates see an average salary increase of $26,000/year.


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