#305 How to efficiently reuse stories in your React tests


5 Reasons Not to Write Your JavaScript Data Grid From Scratch

Of the many awesome things JavaScript developers can build, most are enjoyable, some give you a headache, but also satisfaction in the end, and a handful should be labeled “Here be dragons.” The author presents five compelling reasons why creating a data grid from scratch falls into the latter category.

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How to efficiently reuse stories in your React tests

Storybook is the best way to develop UI components in isolation. Teams write hundreds or even thousands of stories to catalog all their key component states. This is incredibly useful for prototyping, documentation, review, and more. So useful that it’s used by teams at Github, Netflix, and Spotify and many others.

Clean pattern for handling roles and permissions in large-scale React apps

Any React application starts off nice and clean until you start layering conditional logic on top of it. And it quickly gets worse when you start adding granular permissions and roles.

React 17 onFocus and onBlur internals

In React, the onFocus event is called when the element receives focus and onBlur event is called when focus has left the element. There are 4 types of native focus events, focus/blur which do not bubble and focusin/focusout which bubble.

React color picker

Color pickers are often found inside a dialog or a dropdown. Building those components so that they have proper UX and behave as expected is not trivial. Being that this is not the main focus of this blog post, I'm going to assume that the will be always visible.

Passing data from server to the React app

This article shows how to pass json data from Express.js or AEM backend to the React app.


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