#304 React vs React Native: Differences, advantages & limitations


The Main Challenges a React Form Library Should Solve

Building forms in React can be a hard and repetitive process. That’s why form libraries are there to help with things such as data validation, state management and error messages. Let’s go over a simple form demo to explore the main challenges a form can pose and how to easily address them.

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React vs React Native: Differences, advantages & limitations

This article will compare React vs React Native. We'll explore the differences between the two libraries, and their shared history.

Learn React by building a Twitter clone

My goal with this article is to help you learn React. We will create a small twitter clone. I will guide you how to build your own app step-by-step and I will try to teach you all the little details you need to get started.

My go-to React libraries for 2021

I’ve been working on React apps for more than 3 years now and I’ve used tons of libraries to build various applications. The last months have been very rich for the React ecosystem!

Get started with React by building a Whac-A-Mole game

Want to get started with React but struggling to find a good place to start? This article should have you covered. We’ll focus on some of the main concepts of React and then we’ll be building a game from scratch! We assume that you have a working knowledge of JavaScript. Ah, and if you’re here for the game, you can get started right away.

Five tips about React hooks

Today, when you use React and functional components, you need hooks. Work with hooks is easier than lifecycle methods in class components, but I've encountered some issues and today, I want to share my solutions with you.


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