#301 The definitive guide to profiling React applications


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The definitive guide to profiling React applications

Knowing how to profile a React application to improve real-world performance is a good tool in any front-end developer’s toolkit. The Profiler API allows us to do just that with insights on why and how long our components are rendering for.

Styled components best practices

When working with multiple developers on one React application, it's always good to align the team on a common set of best practices. This holds also true for styling React components. Over the past years, I was fortunate to work with many React freelance developers on different applications where we had to align the best practices throughout the project.

A complete guide to sources and layers in React and Mapbox

The aim of this post is to provide an introduction to adding a variety of spatial data formats to a React application using Mapbox GL JS. Understanding how to add sources and layers to a map will open a lot of doors for the types of applications you can build using Mapbox GL.

5 key lessons React tutorials don't teach

There are many essential concepts and lessons that React developers need to know that simply aren't covered in most tutorials. I have handpicked the topics I believe are some of the most important for you to know, but few articles have dedicated the time to cover in detail.

Comparing the new generation of build tools

A bunch of new developer tools have landed in the past year and they are biting at the heels of the tools that have dominated front-end development over the last few years, including webpack, Babel, Rollup, Parcel, create-react-app.


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