#300 Export React components as images


Building Documentation and Demos with Gatsby (Video)

Learn how to embed complex demos with Gatsby and take advantage of the framework’s plugins ecosystem. Watch Kiril Peyanski, Senior Software Engineer at Progress, demonstrate advanced Gatsby workflows he’s learned in the process of building the infrastructure that drives the KendoReact documentation system.

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Export React components as images

I was recently tasked with implementing logic that captures react components with their data visualizations on the web page and exports it as an image. Other data visualization libraries (such as Highcharts) allow for graphs to be exported as an image. However, we needed one to export multiple graphs and tables on a page at once.

5 things every React developer should know about state

One of the most important concepts for every React developer is state – what it is, how to properly use it, and to avoid common pitfalls as your build your applications.

Useful React tips and tricks for beginners

Here are some simple tips & tricks for beginner React developers. Some of them are core principles of React and some of them are just neat life hacks to help you with development.

Why did you render

Project why-did-you-render monkey patches React to notify you about potentially avoidable re-renders. (works with React Native as well.)

React router hooks: exploring how they work

The React Router is not the same as the router that directs networking data — luckily! However, there are a lot of similarities between a networking router and the React Router. The React Router helps us to navigate users to the correct component. For instance, we can use client-side routing to build a single-page application (SPA) that allows navigation between different pages without refreshing the browser.


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