#299 Figma to React


Generating PDF in React: As Easy As 1-2-3!

A popular question in React communities is how to export HTML, or parts of your React application, to PDF. Carl is here to tell you that thanks to KendoReact, exporting any content in our React apps to PDF is as easy as 1-2-3! Check out the tutorial.

this week's favorite

Figma to React

A tool that converts Figma designs to React code.

Improving React application performance: React.memo vs useMemo

As a React developer, you’ve most likely come across situations where optimizing the performance of a component is necessary. There are certain cases where rendering a component might be so expensive that it uses up a lot of CPU resources and/or memory (i.e rendering a graph with thousands of data points).

State management battle in React 2021: Hooks, Redux, and Recoil

In this article, we will discuss state management using Redux, Hooks, and Recoil in a typical React application and their best uses cases.

Compound Component: Advanced pattern React libraries love

In this post, let’s take a look at a popular React pattern — Compound Component. This pattern allows writing complex components in a clean and declarative way. It proved to be so useful that almost all of the popular React UI libraries, such as Material UI, Semantic UI, Chakra UI, and many others, ended up adopting it.

An in-depth introduction to state in React

The state is the most complex thing in React that beginners, as well as experienced developers, struggle to understand. So in this article, we'll explore all about the state in React.


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