#296 What Would Happen If You Mutated Your React Redux State?


What’s the Best Way to Build Your Web Application? [Infographic]

A visual journey through one of the interesting crossroads developers find themselves at when building a web application: the approach we take to building the UI components. Which way to go: build our own components or buy a third-party UI library?

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What Would Happen If You Mutated Your React Redux State?

We're well aware of redux's need for immutability. Most of us have an immutability tool to manage our state easily. It's even the first redux best practice: Do Not Mutate State. But have you ever wondered what would actually happen if you mutated your state? Should we try?

Creating An Outside Focus And Click Handler React Component

In this article, we’ll look at how to create an outside focus and click handler with React. You’ll learn how to recreate an open-source React component from scratch in doing so.

React/Redux: pitfalls and best practices

Here are my tips for maintaining and using React and Redux in your application without going mad.

7 Ways to Debug Jest Tests in Terminal

Everybody knows that you can do it easily with an IDE like VSCode or WebStorm, but what if you are not using them? How do you go about debugging them? Spoiler alert - it is not with console.log().

How to Build Accordion In React From Scratch

So In this article, we'll see how to build an accordion in React completely from scratch in a step-by-step way without using any external library.


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