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How much time per year do you spend waiting for your React tests to finish?

Instant feedback from your tests and realtime code coverage right in your editor, no context switching.

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Basic Redux Introduction #3

React UI Libraries

Invoke Any Native API Directly From Pure Javascript in React Native

Testing the Bejeezus out of React Native Apps with AVA

SnapChat in React Native

Made with React

An Introduction To Redux

react-native-google-cast: A library that unifies both android and iOS chromecast sdk

React native library that wraps Chromecast. Great thing about it is that it supports android and iOS both, with a single API.

gestalt: Use the GraphQL schema language and a small set of directives to define an API with a PostgreSQL

Gestalt lets you use the GraphQL schema language and a small set of directives to define a GraphQL API with a PostgreSQL backend declaratively and with a really tiny amount of code. To create an API, you just write a schema using the schema language and run the server. As you work on your app, you can make changes quickly and drop down to javascript without friction whenever you need to do something more complex than read values from the database.

An odyssey to find a sustainable icon system with SVGs in React

A description of my journey to find my ideal icon setup in React.

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