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#156 – July 16, 2018


Full Stack Fest 2018: Bring Back the Web

Fancy a week in Barcelona? Would you like to hear about Distributed systems, new browser APIs, Machine Learning, WebXR, PWA or Cryptography? Then Full Stack Fest is for you! Get a 15% discount using the code REACT.

this week's favorite

What Is Redux: A Designer’s Guide

Do you know Redux’s real power is beyond managing the state? Do you want to design with an understanding of how Redux works in mind? Let’s dig deeper into what Redux can do, why it does its things, what the downsides are, and how it relates to design.

React Redux Styleguide

This is a working set of guidelines for developing React applications. We say "guideline" because there are no hard-and-fast rules; best practices, patterns and technology change over time, so we consider this a living set of style guides.

Using React Context in a TypeScript App

Recently I had the opportunity to use the new React 16 library which comes with features such as the Context API and Error Boundaries. This article covers my experience using the Context API in a TypeScript app.

Ambiguous Matches with React Router v4

When using React Router, there are times when you may want to have both a static path like /settings along with a dynamic path like /:uid. The problem is that /settings is ambiguous and will match for both /settings and /:uid. In this post we’ll look at how to fix this ambiguous matches problem with React Router.

React Developer Roadmap

Roadmap to becoming a React developer in 2018 Below you can find a chart demonstrating the paths that you can take and the libraries that you would want to learn in order to become a React developer. I made this chart for as a tip for everyone who asks me "What should I learn next as a React developer?"


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