#146 Declarative dialogs in React and JSX

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Declarative dialogs in React and JSX

In real applications, we often see confirmation dialogs in various situation e.g. posting on SNS, promoting paid plans, purchase confirmation etc. Sometimes they are annoying but still important to be informative to users.

How we achieved 51% efficiency in button loading speed

Every single time a button needed to be rendered on screen, there was so much object creation that needed to be done to compute the styles. Since we have been moving towards React Native and react-native-web for a while now, it has always been planned to rewrite the styles using react native’s StyleSheet implementation.

✍️ compose-state

Compose multiple setState or getDerivedStateFromProps updaters in React, allowing you to build and compose as many updaters as you want while keeping your actual component code simple and maintainable.

React drop down data binding

Drop down data binding is always interesting in different UI technologies. First of all feeding the drop down a list of dynamic data values from a web service and then saving the selected value in our state along with some simple validation. So, let’s give this a go in react …

Proton Native - React Native for the desktop, cross compatible

On mobile, it used to be hard to build beatiful cross-platform apps. Then React Native came along, giving us a seamless way to build user interfaces and manage state in code, all while doing it cross platform. On desktop, there is no such tool. You can create a GUI using something like Qt, but the code to make it is messy and unorganized. Having made a very large GUI myself, it gets very cumbersome to manage all of that.


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