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#145 – April 30, 2018


Detect, Diagnose and Defeat React Errors 🏆

Digging thru logs to debug issues? Such a waste of time. Rollbar detects when code breaks in real-time and provides the full stack trace and diagnostic data to help you defeat impactful errors. Debug with data and instantly know what's broken and why. Try Rollbar for free!

this week's favorite

Using React, Firebase, and Ant Design to Quickly Prototype Web Applications

In this guide I will show you how to use Firebase, React, and Ant Design as building blocks to build functional, high-fidelity web applications. To illustrate this, we’ll go through an example of building a todo list app.

Full Stack Web Application using React, Node.js, Express and Webpack

In this guide, we will walk through the set up of a simple full stack React application with a Node.js and Express backend. Client side code is written in React and the backend API is written using Express. This application is configured with Airbnb’s ESLint rules and formatted through prettier.

How to Use React Context to Build a Multilingual Website Pt.2

Have you ever wondered how to use React Context API? This tutorial will show you how to use it to build a simple multilingual website. In this part, we will start by creating navigation for our website. Then, we will build three simple pages. After that, we will prepare files for translation and make our website multilingual. I hope you will enjoy it. Now, let’s begin.

Using Destructure and Spread in React Components

The destucturing assignment and spread syntax arrived in ES6 a while back. With a transpiler like babel, we can use these features to help us write clean and concise react components.

A save reminder component for react router v4

react-goodbye is a save reminder utility to prevent routing transition before you leave without saving changes.


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