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#141 – April 02, 2018


GitLab 10.1 released with Image Discussions and Rejection of Unsigned Commits

Manage your visual assets like you manage your code. Collaborate on design socially with resolvable image discussions. You can now click a specific location of an image (within a commit or a merge request) and start a discussion with respect to that place in the image. You can even have multiple discussions specifying different areas of an image. So once a discussion is settled, simply resolve it!

this week's favorite

Create-react-app with VS Code

I’ve been a front end developer for some time now, and I’ve seen our world go from “you have to configure a thousand things if you want it to work” to “click here and everything will just work”.

React Reveal

React Reveal is high performance animation library for React. It's MIT licensed, has a small footprint and written specifically for React in ES6. It can be used to create various cool reveal on scroll effects. Scroll down to see it in action.

Introducing React Apollo 2.1

The wait is over! We’re super excited to announce React Apollo 2.1, a huge step forward in improving how you develop React applications with GraphQL. It features a new render prop API and much stronger TypeScript support, along with upgraded docs. It’s also 100% backwards compatible!

Update on Async Rendering

For over a year, the React team has been working to implement asynchronous rendering. Last month during his talk at JSConf Iceland, Dan unveiled some of the exciting new possibilities async rendering unlocks. Now we’d like to share with you some of the lessons we’ve learned while working on these features, and some recipes to help prepare your components for async rendering when it launches.

Introducing CodeSandbox Live — real time code collaboration in the browser

I started CodeSandbox with the ambition to make sharing and collaboration of web applications easier and more accessible. Nowadays it’s being used for documentation, job interviews, prototyping, troubleshooting, bug reports, workshops, and probably much more. Today we want to announce a feature that improves all existing use cases, but moreover will improve collaboration even more and allow for new ways to use CodeSandbox. It’s called CodeSandbox Live (original name!).


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