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KendoReact is the only UI component library you need.

"Use its 100+ feature-rich components built with React for React to create web apps much faster. Enjoy working with a complete, professionally built suite—everything from buttons and dropdowns to fast and performant data grid, scheduler and editor. Easy to integrate, customizable and fully accessible.

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An introductory guide to Continuous Integration and Deployment for Frontend Developers

In this article, we discussed what CI/CD is, the benefits and how to set up a CI/CD pipeline for a frontend application. What was covered in this article is a basic overview of what a CI/CD process looks like, every application is different and has its own complexities and requirements that'll shape how the CI/CD pipeline is implemented.

React Core and Components

If you're building with React, our React SDK makes it simple to add real-time audio and video to your app. We provide state management and media rendering utility components, allowing you to implement custom UI components and designs. The same SDK also includes pre-built components for constructing video calls or audio rooms with little code.

What’s new in React 18.0 release – The biggest yet

React 18 was released in March 2022. Officially, React 18 is now ready to use! This release focuses on performance improvements and updating the rendering engine. React 18 sets the foundation for concurrent rendering APIs that future React features will be built on top of.

Design Tokens in a React Component Design System — The Right Way

How to best use design tokens in your React components across pages and applications.

Meet React useEvent(): The Latest and Greatest React Hook

Hailed as the “missing piece in the original Hooks release”, useEvent() will change the way you write modern React.

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