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#133 – February 05, 2018

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this week's favorite

Introducing React Scope

As React applications grow in complexity, it can become increasingly difficult to keep track of components, state, and props. Last month, a few developers and I worked on building a solution to this problem. We decided to create React Scope, a Chrome extension that provides a hierarchical-tree view of a developer’s React app components.

Online Text RPG - Exploring the World (Part 2)

This article will expand on that by giving some structure to our world, allowing our characters to explore the world and to see the other characters as they come and go. Our world is going to be a fairly traditional Dungeons and Dragons dungeon, with a number of rooms and corridors that players can wander around in.

styled-components: massive performance boost and streaming server-side rendering support

A new CSS injection mechanism means faster client-side rendering in production 🔥 and streaming server-side rendering support enables a faster time-to-first-byte! 🔥🔥

Nested routes with React Router v4

React Router v4 introduced a new declarative, component based approach to routing. With that approach came some confusion around nested routes. In this post we’ll break down that confusion and you’ll learn how to nest routes with React Router.

React performance tips

eact is awesome! it allows you to start building apps with ease, be it small and simple apps or big and complex apps. As applications evolve, it is only natural for requirements to do so as well and, in consequence, you will eventually need to boost some performance out of your app. There are some problems you might encounter and luckily for you it’s not hard!


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