#132 Cuttlebelle – React static site generator

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Cuttlebelle – React static site generator

Cuttlebelle is a static site generator that uses react for layouts, let’s you use one layout per page-partial and cleanly separates content from code. You can extend Cuttlebelle with react components that can make use of the power of the npm ecosystem.

Webpack Loader to insert react-hot-loader automatically to your App 👨‍🔬

A Webpack Loader that automatically insert react-hot-loader to your app, without any changes in your app code. All it takes is a simple regex to indicate where your "App" Components are.

A quick Guide to Styled Components with interactive Examples

I could hardly contain my excitement when I finally understood the concept behind styled-components. It opened so many new possibilities for how to style components. It simplified the way to structure web applications. And it enforced the consistency into the styling of React apps.

Dragging React performance forward

I work on a drag and drop library for React: react-beautiful-dnd 🎉. The goal of the Atlassian library is to provide a beautiful and accessible drag and drop experience for lists on the web. You can read the introduction blog here: Rethinking drag and drop. The library is completely driven by state — user inputs result in state changes which then updates what the user sees. This conceptually allows for dragging with any input type. Doing state driven dragging at scale is full of performance traps. 🦑

React and HTML : Beware of the traps

If you ever used React you may have noticed that you can easily forget how to write real HTML because of some features that it provides like the “onClick” property. In this article I’ll show you mistakes I made and why it is important to write good HTML in Single Page Apps.


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