#131 React, Redux and JavaScript Architecture


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React, Redux and JavaScript Architecture

Whether you use them or not, React and Redux are important. They have changed the way we think about structuring front-end web applications. They can be very powerful. But they are not magic. JavaScript code does not automatically become better just because it uses React. It is easy to write horrible React code, just like it’s easy to write horrible vanilla JavaScript. So, why is React important then?

Next.js-like framework for server-rendered React apps built with React Router 4

Next.js is awesome. However, its routing system isn't for me. IMHO React Router 4 is a better foundation upon which such a framework should be built....and that's the goal here: Routes are just components and don't / should not have anything to do with folder structure. Static route configs are fine. Next.js's getInitialProps was/is a brilliant idea. Route-based code-splitting should come for free or be easy to opt into. Route-based transitions / analytics / data loading / preloading etc. , should either come for free or be trivial to implement on your own. Must work well with TypeScript (i.e. without Babel) Generally, everything should come with the battery pack included, but be overridable.

Code with Design — How we Built a Tool to Export React Prototypes from Sketch

This year, me and designer Petter Nilsson decided to explore the possibility of building a tool that connects the workflows between design and development. More specifically, we wanted to build a tool that can export our Sketch designs into fully interactive React applications. Like Airbnb’s React Sketch.app, but the other way around!

Fundamental concepts of React/Redux app. Part 1.

In this series of articles we will try to abstract from certain React/Redux ecosystem libraries and take a wider look at more fundamental things.

Introducing Prisma 🎉

Prisma is a GraphQL database proxy turning your database into a GraphQL API. You can use the API as foundation for your own GraphQL server or connect directly from your frontend application.


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