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#127 – December 25, 2017

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Behind the Scenes: Improving the Repository Infrastructure

As we worked on React 16, we revamped the folder structure and much of the build tooling in the React repository. Among other things, we introduced projects such as Rollup, Prettier, and Google Closure Compiler into our workflow. People often ask us questions about how we use those tools. In this post, we would like to share some of the changes that we’ve made to our build and test infrastructure in 2017, and what motivated them.

Caching your images on react-native with Expo

If you’re using expo to build your mobile applications, you might already know that if you want to keep the wonderful build functionality, you shouldn’t install native plugins. And if you’re familiar with building react-native applications, you might also know that the embedded image caching system is not really what you would expect from it.

How Is React Different from Vue?

Recently I published an article about the usage of top front end JavaScript frameworks. The two things that stood out were the dominance of React and the explosive growth of Vue. If current trends continue, it seems likely that by this time next year, Vue will have overtaken Angular as the second most used library or framework.

React Performance Dev Tool

React Performance Devtool is a Chrome extension for inspecting the performance of React Components. It statistically examines the performance of React components based on the measures which are collected by React using window.performance API.

Seven patterns by example: The many ways to `type="radio"` in React

A guided tour through seven patterns in React explaining different ways of implementing a radio group as a React component. It will cover patterns such as: compound components, context, prop getters, render props and Function as a Child (FaaC).


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