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Design Systems Make the Developer's Work Easier

Having a design system makes it easy for developers to onboard new team members, quickly find answers to basic questions, download common assets like logos and icons, and so much more. Read the blog to learn what developers need to know about design systems.

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10 React antipatterns to avoid

React is a minimal on the surface, but it’s actually a highly complex JavaScript UI library with many potential pitfalls. In this tutorial, we look at 10 antipatterns in React, along with tips and tricks to improve our code.

React awesome shapes

Insert awesome shapes into your site with ease.

Screaming architecture - evolution of a React folder structure

React folder structures... a topic that has been around for ages. But still React’s unopinionated approach frequently raises questions: “Where should I put my files? How should I organize my code?” Honestly, even with years of experience, I found myself asking the same questions.

Designing a typewriter React component

We will be implementing a typewriter effect where a list of words are being typed on the screen with a blinking caret or cursor. After each word is being typed, it's also erased after a little pause to erase slowly one letter at a time and finally typed in for the next word.

Headless components in React and why I stopped using a UI library for our design system

In the past five years I’v been working on major frontend projects at Gloat. In this blog post I’ll focus on what I learned when building Gloat’s design system and how I moved from using UI libraries like MUI to using headless components.


Free Red Team Security Course

This course aims to teach infosec and cybersecurity professionals the various red team techniques that can be used to attack and determine vulnerabilities in their organization’s security. This course is free and available on-demand. Start today and learn at your own pace.

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