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#124 – December 04, 2017


How to improve your react native app's performance drastically!

Learn how you can improve your react native app's performance. This blog post contains 35+ performance issues in React native and actionable tips on how to improve them.

this week's favorite

Performance-tuning a React application

As web apps go, it’s relatively small — about 10,000 lines of code. It’s a React/Redux app, bundled by Webpack, served by a thin Node backend (using Express and MongoDB). 90% of the code is on the front-end.  Source code is available on Github.

React-Spotify 🎼🎺🎸🎻🎤

This is React-Spotify, a React front end client that communicates with the Spotify API.

React Spreadsheet Grid

Excel-like grid component for React with custom cell editors, performant scroll & resizable columns

🏁 React Final Form

React Final Form is a thin React wrapper for 🏁 Final Form, which is a subscriptions-based form state management library that uses the Observer pattern, so only the components that need updating are re-rendered as the form's state changes. By default, 🏁 React Final Form subscribes to all changes, but if you want to fine tune your form to optimized blazing-fast perfection, you may specify only the form state that you care about for rendering your gorgeous UI.

Improved Support for Fragments

React 16.2 is now available! The biggest addition is improved support for returning multiple children from a component’s render method. We call this feature fragments:


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