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#118 – October 23, 2017

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The newest version of JavaScript only has 2 new features

Let’s talk about the latest version of JavaScript: ECMAScript 2016 (more commonly known as ES7). ES7 brings two new features: Array.prototype.includes() and the new exponential operator: **.

What’s New With Server-Side Rendering in React 16

There are lots of exciting new bits (most notably the Fiber rewrite), but personally, I’m most excited about React 16's many improvements that have been made to server-side rendering. Let’s take a deep dive into what’s new and different with SSR in React 16, and I hope you’ll end up as excited as I am!

💊 Super simple, reusable binary error boundaries for React. Your go-to, prescribed, error-boundary helper.

Lazy Loading Routes in React

When building React applications, it's very common to see the size of the app grow largely due to the number of dependencies in use. This happens when a section of the app (or route) might import a large number of components that are not necessary when it first loads. This can reduce the initial load time of the app.

Error Boundaries in React 16

React 16 is here and it brings lots of exciting changes. One of the features that got me excited is better error handling. Previously, runtime errors during rendering could put React in a broken state. With React 16, instead of unmounting the whole app every time there’s an error, you can use error boundaries. Think of error boundaries like try-catch statements, but for React components.


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