#117 What’s New in React 16 and Fiber Explanation

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What’s New in React 16 and Fiber Explanation

The update to the React core algorithm has been years in the making — it offers a ground-up rewrite for how React manages reconciliation. React will maintain the same public API and should allow for immediate upgrade for most projects (assuming you’ve fixed the deprecation warnings).

React Reveal

React Reveal is a dead simple way to add some cool reveal on scroll animations to your React app. It's less than 2kb gzipped and specifically written for React in ES6. It was used to create vairous animations that you see on this page.

🚀 Introducing React-Static — A progressive static-site framework for React!

We take SEO, site performance, and user/developer experience very seriously. Over the last year, we’ve launched many sites using different static site tools that claim to solve these goals, but we have yet to find one that satisfies our requirements completely. Though each tool was unique and useful in its own way, we managed to pare down our list to the two following libraries.

Returning multiple elements the right way in React 16

Learn how to leverage the power of React to return multiple elements form your components in a convenient way. If you like this video please like & share it! Feel free to leave us your comments here.

Using ReactJS to create reusable chart components

While you can use it for various applications, in this tutorial we will see the process of creating charts using ReactJS. To do this, we will use the FusionCharts’ JavaScript library and its React-FusionCharts Component. This component allows developers to integrate the charting library with ReactJS without any extra effort.


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