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From Figma to React—Reusable Components

Let’s look at one way to achieve better collaboration between designers and developers. Explore the power of standardizing building blocks on both sides and see how you can cut time at each stage by converting Figma to React reusable components.

this week's favorite

Modern API data-fetching methods in React

Understanding how to fetch data into React applications is mandatory for every React developer who aims to build modern, real-world web applications.

Stop Building Your UI Components like this

It is true everyone feels elated abstracting the most often copy-pasted code in the codebase into a reusable component. One bad effect of that is hasty abstractions which is a story for another day, today's agenda is to learn how to make actually reusable components.

Redux middleware and how to use it with WebSockets

Middleware is a great place to connect to WebSockets if you use Redux. This article explains what the Redux Middleware is and how to use it with WebSockets.

How to create a React monorepo with git submodules

Do you work with large or semi-large codebases that are starting to get out of control? Do you have to deal with multiple different projects that interact with each other and have difficulty keeping versions aligned?

A visual guide to useEffect - Cleanups

Here is a component that logs how many seconds have passed from the first time it’s rendered.

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