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[VIDEO] Why It's Tricky to Build Forms In React - but Not With KendoReact

Adding a form to your React app takes longer than expected and you are now in search of a Form library? Join Kathryn as she goes over some important considerations and outlines 5 reasons why the KendoReact Form should be on your radar.

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100 things I learned on React team

1. every few years your audience changes. new users don’t appreciate problems of the past bc never seen them. old users burn out or lose excitement. new users have different reference frame, learned in diff ways, you might be their first programming env. plan accordingly.

How to use component libraries in your next React project

If you’ve ever tried your hand at front-end web development before, you’ve likely been frustrated with styling pages and creating website layouts. Maybe you’ve started learning React and a little CSS and realized you’ve been taking rounded edges, icons, and animation effects for granted. Who would’ve thought that creating clean, visually-appealing web designs would be so complicated!

A few weeks maintaining React components

This post is a short made-up, based on a real experience. It aims to show different approaches to developing and maintaining React components in an application.

Why you should be doing schema validation in React projects

When developing a client app it’s important to validate the data that comes in. The two most common ways data is inserted into your app is through network requests and forms.

Building a fullstack road trip mapper app

We'll build a full-stack road trip mapper application where users can pin and map locations and view the sites pinned by other users, all using the MERN stack and leveraging the power of the Mapbox API. This blog session will teach you the fundamentals of MERN stack technology as well as advanced concepts and operations.

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