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#111 – September 04, 2017


Take the DIY out of your infrastructure

Spend less time configuring, so you can have more time building. Manifold is the best way to add logging, monitoring, databases and more to your app. Essential services for applications that matter, made by developers that care. All clouds welcome.

this week's favorite

Progression, Curiosity, and Burnout with Dan Abramov

There’s no one that I know personally who has a more interesting backstory than Dan Abramov. In a matter of years he went from hacking on VBA and C# apps for $200 a week in Russia to building one of the most popular JavaScript libraries (Redux) and working as an engineer at Facebook. I’ve always been curious about this process and I finally got the chance to ask him all about it. In this episode we talk about his upbringing and what it’s like learning to program in Russia, the backstory of how Redux came to be, handling burnout, and much more.

Embracing real-time feature toggling in your React application

Toggling features within a code base is a technique to influence the behaviour of software without having to redeploy. It is often used in conjunction with Continuous Delivery enabling alternative branches for different user groups within the interface a web application. This post explains how to integrate real-time feature toggling within an React application integrating with LaunchDarkly.

Missing part of Redux Saga Experience

Redux-sagas are a lot of fun to work with. They add a lot of extra power to your redux state management, but as your application increases in complexity, it can become difficult to manage them. The article demonstrates some common issues with sagas and ways to architect your projects to fix them.

Beginner’s guide to react/redux—painting a mental model

React/Redux is the hottest frontend frameworks these day. If you google the term Redux diagram, and this is what you get.

Redux Tutorial Step By Step With Example From Scratch

Redux Tutorial Step By Step With Example From Scratch is the topic we will cover. I will teach you Redux step by step. Redux is quite an excellent State Managment Framework usually used with React.js library. In Single Page Application, data management at client side is far more complicated than just imagine.


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