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#110 – August 28, 2017


Take the DIY out of your infrastructure

Spend less time configuring, so you can have more time building. Manifold is the best way to add logging, monitoring, databases and more to your app. Essential services for applications that matter, made by developers that care. All clouds welcome.

this week's favorite

All the fundamental React.js concepts, jammed into this single Medium article

Last year I wrote a short book on learning React.js which turned out to be about 100 pages. This year, I am going to challenge myself to summarize it as an article on Medium.

Explaining React's license

A few weeks ago, the Apache Software Foundation (the ASF) made a decision to list the BSD + Patents license as a Category-X license. This move affects users of much of Facebook's open source software, but especially the popular React project and the constellation of projects around it. As a result, many have asked us to consider relicensing React and all of our other open source projects. What has become clear through these discussions is that the ASF has very different considerations than Facebook does for how it maintains and distributes open source software.

Formatting dates and numbers in React

Formatting numbers and dates is a common requirement for lots of apps but how do we do this in react apps?

Measuring performance gains — AngularJS to React

If you’re looking into migrating a large AngularJS single page application (SPA) to React and wondering what sort of performance gains you are going to get with React and how the code will morph (with state management libraries Redux or Mobx), this post will try to answer some of these questions.

react + d3 = vx

ou’ve fallen in love with React. You’ve built a redux app. You’ve dabbled with GraphQL. You’ve started following along with Relay Modern and Apollo Client. But your next project is a dashboard that requires building some charts.


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